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Absolutely! Statistically, flight is the safest form of transportation and ballooning is statistically the safest form of flight. Believe it or not, getting in and out of the basket is the most dangerous part of the whole flight

The number of passengers mostly depends on reservations and balloon size. However, the true lifting capacity of a hot air balloon is not determined by the number of its passengers but rather by the weight of the maximum payload. That is why we ask for your weight upon reservation.

There is no minimum or maximum age to fly in a hot air balloon. However, children should be tall enough to be able to see over the basket (approximately 42 inches or 105 cm).

Hot air balloons fly when winds are at their most stable, usually shortly after sunrise or a few hours before sunset. This is because the heating and cooling of the earth during the day create thermal winds, which make conditions unsuitable. During the winter, snow covering the ground reduces thermal activity and balloons may fly throughout the day

The experience of a hot air balloon flight is more than the flight itself. The experience includes the pre-flight activities of meeting at the launch site, the passenger safety briefing and the inflation of the balloon. Once you are in the air, a crew will follow the balloon. After the flight, the crew will recover the balloon equipment and the passengers and crew will return to the launch site or some other predetermined meeting point. The entire experience may last several hours.

Dress to be outside and active for several hours, taking into
consideration the day’s weather. This may include:

• Comfortable shoes such as running shoes or light hikers – not high heels, sandals, flip-flops or open-toed footwear.
• Long pants, since shorts will not protect you from vegetation at the landing site. Do not wear a skirt or dress.
• A t-shirt or shirt that covers your torso.
• A jacket if the weather is cool.
• A hat and/or sunscreen on sunny days.

Note: Keep all loose clothing, long hair, drawstrings, jewelry, cameras or other loose items under control at all times to prevent them from being tangled in cables, ropes or the inflation fan.

Yes. Be aware that:
• The balloon flight could aggravate any previous injuries.
• Passengers must be able to see over the edge of the basket (~42 in. or 106 cm), hang on by themselves, stand for the entire flight, and enter/exit the basket unassisted.
• You may need to use a step hold in the side of the balloon basket and lift your leg over the edge of the basket to enter/exit the basket.
• If you are pregnant or suspect you are pregnant, consult your doctor and advise your pilot. We recommend that you do not fly in a balloon.
• Landing impact is like a jump from the seat of a kitchen chair. In some cases, impact may be harder, or the basket may tip on its side and drag along the ground. Passengers should be physically able to handle the impact of landing.
• If you have had any joint replacement surgery, consult your doctor and advise your pilot.
• Passengers should be able to walk across uneven terrain.
• Inform the pilot if you have serious allergies and come prepared (i.e., bring your EpiPen, insulin, etc.).
Remember, ballooning is an outdoor, rural adventure.
• If you take medication on a regular schedule, bring all required medications with you since some flights may be longer than others.
Note: If you have a medical condition or questions about your capabilities, please ask your doctor for advice and inform your pilot, if you do choose to go on a balloon flight.







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